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        We protect products, patients and professionals with Optym? device packaging films. Like all of our medical film products, Optym? Device Packaging Films are manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities and engineered to your exacting specifications.

        We use superior industry expertise and a fully integrated production process to engineer solutions that meet your standards for a wide range of medical products.

        Infection Prevention

        Our Protect:OR? surgical films meet your exacting specifications for medical, dental, and operating room supplies. Our expertise in producing barrier films allows us to engineer unique solutions that address your specific requirements to keep professionals and their patients protected.

        Adhesive Tapes

        Polyken? has provided highly engineered pressure sensitive adhesive tape solutions for medical OEMs and converters for decades. We deploy a broad range of carriers, liners, and adhesive technologies designed to meet the needs of converters, OEMs, medical professionals, and patients alike. Applications for Polyken? double-coated, single-coated, and transfer tapes include:

        • Direct skin contact (short, medium, or long-term)
        • Electrodes and defibrillator pads
        • Sensors and pulse oximetry
        • Surgical and incise drapes
        • Diagnostic test strips
        • Medical device assembly, attachment, and overlay
        • Protective care and safety products
        • Wound care and island dressings
        • Ostomy products

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