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        Industrial & Transportation

        Automotive & Aerospace Components

        Auto and Aero components

        Our spunbond polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene fabrics can be applied in many automotive and aerospace components, such as composites, secondary carpet backing, headliners, acoustic scrims, and adhesive layers.  Our nanofiber materials deliver unique acoustical performance.


        Composites Thumbnail

        Our trusted composite range includes Matline?+ cores, REEMAY? surface veils, and thermoplastic veils all deliver high-thermal stability, resin compatibility, uniformity, and permeability to meet the most exacting of requirements.

        Industrial Wipes

        Composites Thumbnail

        Our Chicopee Durawipe? and VeraClean? solutions support general purpose industrial cleaning needs and specialized tasks in every stage of the automotive and aerospace manufacturing process. Our industry tested and approved materials deliver True Confidence? in your wiping tasks.

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        Manufacturing & Shipping

        Manufacturing calls for some of the toughest packaging protection solutions—and we can help you. Our offerings range from stretch film for pallet use, to the high-quality adhesives and FIBC bags.

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        Military & Government

        We are proud to apply our experience and expertise to provide supplies and other packaging and protection solutions for the U.S. military and government.

        Printing & Graphics

        We are constantly investing in new decoration technologies to help you create an impactful message to your consumer. In addition, we have the ability to create consumer safety products such as flashing tape.



        We provide the highest-quality protection solutions for rail, automotive, marine, and aerospace transportation.