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        Food Film and Packaging

        Food Film Packaging Products
        Keep freshness and flavor at their peak with our food film and packaging. We manufacture food film for the frozen, microwavable, meat, dairy and bakery markets. Additionally, our food film manufacturing facilities are ISO and AIB certified.

        Barrier Film

        We have developed a new range of high moisture barrier films that are perfect in snack, crackers, and cereal box liner applications. Moisture barrier is the key attribute when determining shelf life. In dry food applications, the increased barrier can extend shelf life or permit down-gauging of existing bag-in-box applications. Our high barrier HDPE films can improve your package value and product performance.

        Printed Bakery Film and Bags

        Display your bread and specialty baked goods with opaque, clear, and metalized coating options.

        • FreshView? Bakery Bags
        • Full line of Bakery Bags
        • Tortilla Bags 

        Clear-seal? Meat and Cheese Film

        Our high-performance films provide the packaging protection required for processed meat, cheese, and specialty foods.

        • Non-Forming Films
        • Forming Films
        • Laminate Films
        • Chub Film

        Frozen and Microwavable Film

        Keep your frozen products fresh with our high-quality film and pouches. Our SteamQuick? products offer steamed food in minutes.

        MarvelPeel? Lidding Film

        Choose from an array of seal-and-peel films for many applications including membranes and flexible forming webs.

        Converted Packaging

        Our films and laminated structures are designed to meet your most challenging requirements for stiffness, puncture resistance, moisture barrier, oxygen barrier, temperature stability, sustainability initiatives, and other criteria.

        • HD Flexo Printing
        • Laminations
        • Bags and Pouches