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        We offer the widest range of open top containers in the industry with various shapes and sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 5.5 gallons. Or, let our experts design a custom packaging solution. Enhance your package by choosing from the most extensive line of decorating options available.

        Hinged Containers

        Hinged containers image

        These convenient, one-piece foodservice packages are made with clear plastic to showcase product colors and freshness.

        Industrial Containers

        Our sturdy industrial pails are great for construction, home improvement, chemicals, or institutional foods.

        Non-Round Containers

        A non-round design allows for improved shelf/warehouse space while differentiating your product, while also allowing you to maximize your space when shipping.

        Round Containers

        Lightweight and durable, all of our containers are molded from FDA approved resins and serve an array of markets. Differentiate your product through color, transparency and decoration.

        Tamper Resistant Containers

        Tamper resistant containers provide product protection and a sense of security on the shelf.